Become a yoga teacher:World-Class Yoga Teacher Trainings

Become a yoga teacher:
World-Class Yoga Teacher Trainings

Embarking on a journey to become a yoga teacher is not just about getting a diploma, it’s about where you do it and who guides you.

Our platform is your passport to the most exquisite yoga teacher training destinations in the world.

From the serene beaches of Bali to the spiritual heartland of India, we’ve handpicked the very best programs just for you.

And here’s our promise: pure transparency. Unlike other platforms, we don’t charge commissions or fees. Instead, we facilitate direct connections between you and the studios.

Dive deep into our resource-rich blog, discover unique yoga forms like goat yoga, trace back the ancient roots of the practice, and gain insights on teaching methodologies.

Welcome to our yoga haven – where your transformation journey begins in paradise.

Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum Highlights

Take a peek at what your teacher training curriculum might look like!


Asanas focus on maintaining a proper balance in the body.
The teachers will focus on providing you with supportive cues to improve your postures and alignments. They will also teach you how to mindfully use the power of gravity to your advantage.


Pranayama practices relax the muscles of the respiratory system and maintain the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body.
Over time, they will help you to slow your heart rate down, and you will even learn how to use the power of pranayama in asanas.


During philosophy classes, the teacher oftentimes uses yoga’s history to give you more insight into its philosophy. You will also very probably hear about the yoga sutras of Patanjali, which I am going to let you discover on your own. Finally, and most importantly, philosophy will teach you how to implement yoga in your daily life for more balanced and healthy living.


Here the students learn to teach each other in small groups under the supervision of a professional trainer. This practice boosts their confidence, and with time, their fear of teaching should partly, if not entirely, disappear.


Alignment is an essential part of the asana practice. Finding the proper alignment of an asana will prevent you from having any joint or muscle pain over time, and allow you to use less bruteforce. The teachers will also teach you how to deal with students suffering from physical pain. Finally, they will walk you through hands-on assists and the use of props.

Art of Teaching

The teacher training methodology includes learning ethics, values, and encouraging students to find their potential. The teachers guide their students on how to set up a yoga business and what mistakes they should avoid while setting it up.