Hatha Yoga – Balancing the Breath and Bold

man in low lunge outdoor doing hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular styles of yoga, both among students and teachers! Let’s learn about the power of Hatha. The term hatha (हठ) means “force” in Sanskrit. A better way to think of it is the use of force to reach the blissful state of union, or yoga. The aim of […]

Vinyasa Yoga – Fluidity in Flow

man in wheel pose vinyasa yoga

Think of Vinyasa yoga as a flow, where all things are interconnected. As you seamlessly move from one pose to the other, you find clarity and peace. Vinyasa is a beautiful type of yoga practice. It attempts to give those who practice it a purpose in life, helping them to do every single thing with […]

Ashtanga Adventure – The Eight-Limbed Expedition

woman in advanced side plank ashtanga

Ashtanga yoga is one of the most famous types of yoga practice in the world. Following ancient yoga tradition, Ashtanga connects mind, body and soul. If you practice yoga, you’ve almost definitely heard of Ashtanga. It’s one of the most established types of yoga, rooted in repetition and breathwork. It consists of set series of […]

Yin Yoga Explained – Slow is The New Strong

yin yoga: a woman in lotus pose

Among many types of modern yoga, Yin yoga distinctly stands out both in its approach and its overall effect on the human body. While other branches of yoga focus on movement, strength, or alignment, Yin allows you to truly embrace the stillness and look deeply within yourself. What is Yin Yoga Yin is a slow-paced […]

Iyengar Insights – Precision Path to Poise

woman doing iyengar yoga using many accessories

If you’re searching for a modern yoga practice that will keep your alignment in check, consider Iyengar yoga. In this practice, it’s all about alignment. There is a significant emphasis on every angle and every adjustment to the body, ensuring that each pose is exactly the way it should be. For this reason, it works […]