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One Yoga

Koh Phangan, thailand

If your goal is to transform your life, come to One Yoga for their immersive yoga teacher training, a comprehensive program designed to facilitate growth and development in the vast world of yoga. 

While finding the right space to delve into the profound aspects of yoga can be a challenge in the hustle and bustle of a typical Western lifestyle, One Yoga, situated in the serene and healing energy of Koh Phangan’s private beachfront resort, provides the perfect environment for you to expand and deepen your practice.

One Yoga was founded by Henrik and Danny, who shared a passion for yoga, meditation, qigong, and Eastern spirituality. Their deep connection to Koh Phangan and their shared vision to improve the quality and sincerity of yoga offerings on the island led to the birth of One Yoga. Supported by a talented and diverse team of yoga teachers, co-founder Danny Taylor brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and inspire students.

Their hand-picked teaching team, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, offers a balanced approach to yoga, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. You will have the opportunity to dive deep into both authentic and modern yoga styles, exploring the richness of tradition combined with dynamic techniques.

Through this transformative training, you will not only strengthen and deepen your personal yoga practice but also develop the confidence and skills to become a proficient teacher. The YTT approach at One Yoga is built upon collective years of experience, resulting in a Yoga Alliance-registered course that strikes a harmonious balance between physical and spiritual yoga, both in theory and practice. 

Their comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including yoga philosophy, anatomy, and physiology, offering a profound understanding of the essence and higher purpose of yoga. Furthermore, One Yoga’s unique meditation program will enhance your mindfulness, providing a solid foundation for your yoga journey.