Vida Yoga Center owner in side plank

Vida Yoga Center

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Vida Yoga Center is run by a team of two talented and passionate yoga teachers. Marine Larripa teaches a unique style she defines as smart, “functional” yoga. Her classes are structured in a way where they follow a logical path centered around a specific purpose. 

Marine’s signature style would not have been possible without keen observation of each and every student. She always makes an effort to understand their ways of moving so that she can guide them to a new, more ergonomic posture. This is one of the invaluable skills Marine tries to teach in the YTT courses facilitates by Vida Yoga Center. After all, finding individual approach to one’s students is a great foundation for any new yoga teacher.

The other half of Vida Yoga is Sophia Agaton. She has spent the last twelve years of her life fully dedicated to exploring her personal practice and training others. Experimenting with meditation and different styles of yoga is Sophia’s great passion, in an effort to maintain a healthy body and mind. Naturally, her long tenure and in-depth expertise as a yoga instructor make training at Vida Yoga Center a fantastic investment.

Their 200-hour YTTs vary from a 10-day superintensive program to a 21-day immersive learning. The course spaces are limited to a maximum of 14 trainees, ensuring that both facilitators are able to spend quality time with each participant and tailor their approach to every person as needed. To further enable the future yoga teacher to absorb knowledge and fully commit to the course, the YTTs take place at the beautiful Beachfront Yoga Center in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Overall, this type of thorough approach and scientifically backed curriculum are great reasons to choose Vida Yoga as your teacher training alma mater.