Sampoorna yoga yoga teacher training

Sampoorna Yoga

Goa, India

Sampoorna Yoga is a Yoga Alliance accredited school in Goa, India rooted in traditional yogic teachings and supported by modern science. Sampoorna is a Sanskrit word meaning “full”, “total”, or “absolute”, which is reflected in its utmost dedication to the craft and care for its students. The theme of totality and wholeness is present in every class, workshop, retreat, or training program offered by Sampoorna Yoga.

Naturally, they embrace students from diverse lineages and traditions worldwide. Throughout its 15-year tenure, over 13,000 people graduated from one of their teaching programs, and the school has garnered numerous positive testimonials from its alumni, attesting to its effectiveness and quality of instruction.

Sampoorna YTTs are delivered in a gorgeous location in front of Agonda Beach, overlooking the Arabian Sea. The teaching team is a combination of Indian teachers committed to ancient tradition and a selected group of renowned instructors from all over the world.

The courses themselves include 200-hour Ashtanga and Vinyasa foundational course, 300-hour Vinyasa Flow training, and shorter add-on programs for continued education. While Sampoorna teachings maintain a traditional foundation, the overall approach is characterized by a blend of ancient wisdom and modern values. As such, their YTT courses wholeheartedly embrace and encourage the integration of personal creativity, intuition, and spiritual encounters into your learning and teaching methodologies.

Sampoorna training programs are an ideal choice for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy and the yogic lifestyle, while cultivating compassion and non-competitive growth within a challenging yet supportive environment.