Nexus Institute students on the beach

Nexus Institute

Nosara, Costa Rica

Nexus Yoga and Wellness Institute is the brainchild of Janel Schullo and Horace Usry, who were inspired to create a safe and welcoming environment for fellow yoga enthusiasts through their shared vision and combined experiences. Coming from diverse backgrounds, they met during a YTT course in Costa Rica and developed a close friendship. Their time spent together resulted in Nexus Yoga. 

Nexus offers comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs, including both 200-hour foundation training and 300-hour advanced courses. Their mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment for participants to cultivate their unique teaching styles. 

The idea behind their carefully crafted teacher training programs is to allow the practitioners to deepen their personal practice, while also learning everything they need to know to become skilled and compassionate yoga teachers.

The curriculum is designed to empower the graduates to share their own creative expressions and spiritual wisdom in their yoga classes. The YTT programs at Nexus draw inspiration from modern, science-based yoga, traditional Vinyasa, and the lived experience of the founders and facilitators.

In addition to the standard YTT options, Nexus Yoga also has an option for students to take a 100-hour Self-Awakening yoga program, which counts towards the 300-hour training should you choose to continue your education.