Caribe Yoga Academy

Caribe Yoga Academy

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Caribe Yoga Academy prides itself on providing “the most rigorous teacher training in Costa Rica”, in their own words. Which says a lot, considering the abundance of yoga retreats and YTT programs available in the area. Their secret for delivering expertly crafted yoga teacher training courses lies in their professional approach, an environment that perfectly lends itself to learning, and of course, their talented and experienced facilitators.

Obscured from sight in the luscious rainforest, the beautiful AmaSer Retreat and Training Center in Puerto Viejo is still only a five-minute walk from the Caribbean seacoast. The surrounding nature creates ideal conditions for the serenity required to connect with oneself and fully embrace the yoga practice.

One of the features of this yoga school is that they don’t settle for the bare minimum. Instead of the standard 200-hour training required by Yoga Alliance, Caribe Yoga Academy’s foundational training is a 250-hour course spread across 28 days for maximum comprehension. 

This program is led by Avani Gilbert, the founder and director of CYA. She has an impressive background that includes 500 hours of yoga training, in addition to various Yoga Alliance continuing education programs, Ayurvedic yoga qualification, and a Reiki diploma. She is also a doula and prenatal yoga specialist. Suffice to say, you will be in good hands.

The courses at Caribe Yoga Academy are both intensive and immersive, requiring your full dedication. In addition to tuition and accommodation, you get three delicious vegetarian meals a day in a signature garden-to-table style. Even with the tight schedule, you will get a chance to explore the local nature and sites of cultural significance !