Loka Yoga two people doing yoga on dock

Loka Yoga

Canggu, Bali

The tagline of this yoga teacher training school is “Where science meets spirituality”. It perfectly describes the careful approach of the Loka Yoga studio. While they respect and uphold the ancient yoga traditions, they further bolster their teaching with scientific data.

Located in Bali, Loka Yoga offers affordable and comprehensive yoga teacher training programs, ranging from the 200-hour YTT certification course to 100-hour training that can act as a refresher, and an opportunity to advance your teaching skills. 

Anyone who signs up for one of Loka Yoga YTT’s can expect to study and practice yoga in a gorgeous location, surrounded by compassionate and experienced teachers, as well as like-minded fellow trainees.

The training at Loka Yoga is structured in a unique way, allowing each student to have a fully interactive experience and learn at their own pace. As well as studying the various aspects of yoga practice, the participants are also encouraged to explore each discipline internally in order to find their own path to the truth, as opposed to simply relaying the knowledge learned from books.

By now, Loka Yoga has hosted yoga teacher trainings for thousands of people, building an incredible close-knit community of alumni from all over the world.