the Kula Collective practicing yoga in wooden structure in jungle

Kula Collective

Bumi Cinta, Bali

Kula Collective has made a name for itself by providing a wide range yoga teacher training programs in some of the most stunning locations across the globe. Their trademark approach involved intertwining empowered living, tradition, and a strong sense of community within every training sessions they share with students.

This method had proved to be effective, as is evident from the countless alumni this school has helped to become teachers over the years. Every graduate’s testimonial tells a unique story of their yogic journey and the important role that the Kula Collective yoga school played in it. 

The trainers and facilitators of each YTT course help the attendees find a way to embody the elements that create the precious fabric of their beings.

Kula Collective provides 200-hour and 300-hour themed yoga teacher trainings, including Elemental Flow YTT, Purpose in Paradise YTT, Shamanic Awakening YTT, and Earth Medicine YTT. Additionally, you can take part in one of Kula Collective’s specialty CBD courses such as their 30-hour Creative Leadership training, Yin and Somatics training, and Bhakti Yoga training.

The incredible locations where you can expand your yogic horizons with the help of teachers from Kula Collective include Bali, Guatemala, Peru, Portugal, Costa Rica, and Tennessee.