Inner Yoga Training group trainee

Inner Yoga Training

Ubud, Bali

Inner Yoga Training is a school that specializes in delivering teacher trainings and hosting yoga retreats. At Inner Yoga Training, it is all about striving to achieve a balance in the world through thoughtful and purposeful actions. That is one of the reasons why the YTT courses at this school are so popular.

Another great focus in every training program of Inner Yoga Training is combining the ancient spiritual practice from the East with the contemporary lifestyle of a typical Westerner. Once more, it is all about striking a balance.

All of their YTT programs are Yoga Alliance accredited, which is the most recognizable yoga certification worldwide. This means that you can teach anywhere in the world once you graduate the course.

Their 200-hour teacher training is rather unconventional due to the fact it focuses on two very different styles of yoga: Vinyasa and Yin. However, just like everything else, this is a purposeful decision to create the balance between movement and stillness, the active and the passive, the fast and the slow. This teacher training in Bali shows the practitioners how they can harmonize the energies of Yin and Yang through two opposing styles of yoga.

In addition to the standard components of a YTT, this training also includes lessons on voice activation, teaching methodology, traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the relationship between business and ethics.