Handstand Push-up Progression 🔥

10% = Push-up with knees down, close to hands

20% = Push-up with knees down but further away

35% = Classic push-up

50% = Pike push-up

65% = Harder Pike push-up ( the closer the feet are to the hands the harder it gets )

75% = Pike push-up lifting feet of the ground

90% = Eccentric handstand push-up ( going down, great way to build strength for the full #handstandpushup )

100% = Full Handstand Push-up!

#yogamotivation #calisthenics #bodyweight #strengthtraining
Who won?
PS: Working on growing out a few more limbs to better my chances 😅
#ai #yogainspiration #scorpionpose #bodyweight #armbalance #challenge
#hamstrings Stretch 100% + 📚
#flexibility #flexibilitytraining #yoga

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